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You don't know the SEX CLUB GAY Entre Deux Eaux?

You must live this experience, Entre Deux Eaux is the smallest SEX CLUB GAY in Paris, we promise you a sex match between guys.

Entre Deux Eaux is a CRUISING GAY unique in Paris, why? This is the only CRUISING GAY or barmen are naked. Yes the bartenders are naked as the customer.
It's SEX CLUB GAY where you can also drink or play with other guys.



Enjoy the plan at 5 euros from Monday to Thursday at the gay cruising Entre Deux Eaux. There are two reasons to come to the gay sex club Entre Deux Eaux: the price and it is a moment where there is a stronger frequentation, best moment for a good orgy between guys.



To finish the week, Friday, for a ticket purchased at the gay sex club, a free pass offered to the gay cruising on Saturday or Sunday.

The PASS gives you access to the sex club, a conso is mandatory.


On Monday, at the GAY SEX CLUB Entre Deux Eaux, we put at your disposal sex toy. They are available on the bar, you can use them alone or with a playmate. We ask, of course, to use condoms on the dildos and clean them after use.


On Tuesday, at the GAY CRUISING PARIS Entre Deux Eaux the underpants are authorized, if you are shy, it is the time to come to see us. If you have friends who do not dare nudity, it is time to invite them to the Entre Deux Eaux.
You can keep your underwear but we do not know how long ....


What if you're having a good orgy on Wednesday? If you like sex in groups, it's time to be a good orgy actor. On Wednesday at GAY SEX CLUB Entre Deux Eaux, the sex between super hot guys is in the spotlight. So do not be shy ...


Want to wear a jock-strap? It is possible on Thursday at the CRUISING GAY Between Deux Eaux. You just need to wear your sexiest jock-strap and you exibise your nice ass to the SEX CLUB GAY Entre Deux Eaux.


On Friday, hairy guys are honored at the SEX CLUB GAY Entre Deux Eaux. The poilus are welcome as well as those who love them.


On Saturday, it's chic, the barmen wear like a tie, a bow tie and that's it ... you'll see how cute they are behind the bar of the SEX CLUB GAY Entre Deux Eaux.

If you wear a bow tie you too, a pass will be offered


On Sunday, depending on your sexual mood, you can wear the socks that suit you. The  GAY SEX CLUB  Entre Deux Eaux facilitates the approach with the other boys. If you play the game, a PASS will be offered to you.



We understand that young gay guys between 18 and 30 years old want to meet each other. The SEX CLUB GAY Entre Deux Eaux organizes her first orgy TOTAL'JEUNS.

1st date on 3rd June.

Do not hesitate to register for this one or to receive by mail the future gay orgies.

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